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You might have questions regarding how we work or what the next step is after you have contacted us.

We have selected a few of the most common questions and answered them here for you.


The University Chapel San Diego Ca.

When can we start the planning process......

As soon as you have signed our contract and paid the retainer fee we can schedule your first meeting to start talking about what you want for your day. Scheduling all your other meetings for the rest of your planning months. The retainer is a % of the service you have selected and is paid on a scheduled timeline that you can adjust if needed.


What is the next step.....

Once you decide on the services you will need to create your wedding day we want to do a deep dive into all the things that will need to happen.

This includes  reviewing your budget, understanding what your priorities are as far as décor, entertainment, what type of food you would like to have catered. If you need to book a venue we would help discover the venues that fit your style and budget. All of this comes with our full planning service. If you have booked your venue, no problem one thing your can check off your "To Do" list. 


What happens if I have to cancel the event.....

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, and we do understand. If something comes up and you end up cancelling your celebration our retainer can be moved to another date that we both agree on, If the cancellation is indefinite with no alternative date our retainer is non-refundable. If the cancellation comes close to the date of the event  and we have completed and been paid for our work, there would only be a % of a refund based on how much was left to do for your event. we strongly advise our couples to purchase wedding insurance for this reason. If something should happen the insurance covers most of your cost to your vendors and venue.


What is Aisle Planner.....

Aisle  Planner is our wedding platform that we keep all of your important ideas, guest list, check list, budget, invoices, décor inspiration, and so much more. One convent place that you can access anytime with a private portal. We create your timeline and make seating charts and RSVPs all go into Aisle Planner. It's always open for you to go into to make and create anything you need for your wedding.


The Prado Balboa Park San Diego Ca.

Let's Work Together

Have more questions? Fill out our contact form and we can answer anything you would like to ask. 

Just click the button below to access the form.

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