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Your Wedding and COVID-19

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As of this moment in time, March 21,2020, we have been sheltered in place because of COVID-19. As a wedding planner the world has become crazy place and most business have somehow been altered.

It's a scary place right now! We want you to know as a newly engaged couple you can still get married and you can have an amazing day. You may have to move your date out or opt for something small and intimate, for now, saving the big reception celebration until later in the year. The point is to make it about you as a couple in a safe environment.

We are here and will support you if you have been effected by the "New Normal" which includes not being able to congregate in groups....Now What? Don't Panic! You can still get married even if you have booked your vendors and venue, in this unpredictable environment.

Here are the "To Do's" that you can start implementing right now to keep your wedding on track and get you down the aisle.

*Contact Your Vendors and Venue...notify them as soon as possible to reschedule. This ensures that you can move your deposit you've given to them, to a new date.

*Pick Some Dates...Pick some dates that you and your fiance agree upon, at least 3 dates, keeping in mind the further out you plan the easier it will be for guests and family to rearrange their schedule.

*Notify Your Family...Let your immediate family and bridal party know the dates you are thinking about to move your wedding or event so they are able to adjust.

*Negotiate With Your Vendors...Talk to your vendors and ask if any of the dates you have picked are open.

*Review Your Contracts...Make sure you know what you are responsible for in each contract. Let them know you have picked some dates and you would like to see if they are available. You can ask if your deposit can be moved to a new "agreed on" date. There are so many vendors who are willing to negotiate and keep their clients on-board for the clients peace of mind and for the business.

*Stay In Touch...Keep the communication open and send any updates as they happen to your family, bridal party and vendors. You can do this by setting up an email just for this purpose keeping all your contacts in one place.

*Save A New Date...Once you get all your dates re-booked go ahead and send out "Save a New Date" to your guests and family. You can do another post card or create an email, wedding website. Whatever you choose make sure everyone has been notified.

*Wedding Insurance ...If you have bought wedding insurance check the policy. If you have purchased it before this crisis and you have to cancel the wedding or part of your wedding due to you or your fiance becoming sick, you maybe entitled to reimbursement If you are re-booking purchase the insurance for your new booked date just in case we are still under quarantine. My hope is for all of us this passes in the next 3 months and we are all on the mend.

*Hire a Help...If you think it was difficult planning things the first time around, re-booking will require even more communication and possibly more research. Hire a planner this will save you time and they can negotiate for you and will always have your wedding as their first priority. Businesses who have had deep financial hardships and may not be able to accommodate any new clients for awhile. This is why its so important to get hold of the vendors that you have hired ASAP and a planner can get the ball rolling for you.

*Keep Booking...Keep booking your vendors that you need if you hadn't already booked. Your quick actions could save a lot of rearranging if you can book out far enough. Your booking early helps get the vendors that you really want and you could be saving a business. How early is to early? Right now booking a year in advance is not to early vendors are up for negotiating times and dates due to this unpredictable time.

We are here if you need help or have questions about your planning and how to get things back on track!

book a call with us by filling out contact form on our website if you need to talk about what's next.

Keep safe and stay positive because this will end and things may not be just as they were, but they will be better!

Stay Safe

Madeline Link

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