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You're Getting Married...In Two Weeks!

Don't freak out! We know this is easier said then done! Instead of getting yourself tied into knots do these 6 things to get you ready for one of the most important days of your life. Telling not to worry is probably not really what you want to hear so giving some very important tasks to concentrate on is a better way to help you feel like your ready get set to get married.

As a planner here in sunny Southern California I know couples can let their nerves take over and things can suddenly seem overwhelming even though they've been working on getting all of those wedding tasks done and checked off your list, I should say our list because we are right there with you!

So here are 6 things you should do to make sure you really have everything DONE and take that overwhelm and squash it once and for all.

#1 Try on ALL your wedding ATTIRE, you and your partner, and when I say everything I mean all of the things that go with your "Day Of" dress or suit, with all the accessories. The jewelry, foundations (undergarments that go with your dress) shoes, socks, veil, tie, cufflinks, belts, all of the things that you will be wearing on that day Your wedding party should do the same as well and any VIPS, parents, grandparents. Have them take a selfie to share with you and give you peace of mind. If you need to make any changes or alterations 2 weeks is plenty of time to get them done.

#2 Check with your CATERER go over all your food choices, if they are in charge of your bar and alcohol make sure that you are getting the the things that you asked for in your contract or if your planner is helping with all this do this together. Make sure to let them know if you have guests that have food allergies, or if you need special food for children or older guests. Have last minute RSVPs ? Those changes need to be given to both your caterer and your venue.

#3 Review your TIMELINE make sure you have all those important details that your vendors and planner needs to know about. The time when your guests are making toasts, your cake needs to be cut and the music needs to be played for your grand entrance. Look over your entire day so if there are any changes or things that have been missed you can correct it now and send a new revised copy to all the vendors and don't forget to send one to your wedding party and VIPs especially if they are involved in any of the special moments that will be happening.

#4 Go over the list for your PHOTOGRAPHER make sure you spend some time making and sharing a list of all the people you want your photographer to capture. The photos that are really important to you, people that are coming from a long way or generations of your family. Do you want pictures of your parent helping you to get ready or you and the flower girls, let them know now.

#5 Make sure you have your VOWS and Marriage LICENSE packed with all your other must haves to take with you on the day. Usually your officiant will have all your paperwork done for you but check and make sure you know exactly what you need to provide. I know most people say I know my vows and won't forget, make a copy anyway because nerves have a way of turning your mind to mush! I have had to run and find vows for couples standing at the ready just before they are going to walk down the aisle...Don't do that to yourself be prepared!

#6 Take a BREAK!

Spend some time with each other without talking wedding. Go on a date night take a weekend if you can because wedding planning can be overwhelming and take over your life so take a break!

You will be refreshed and appreciate the time and each other so that you can concentrate on that all important goal...marrying the love of your life!


Want to work with us click the link here and fill out our contact form so we can start planning your Best Day Ever!

Sasha & Shane Temecula California

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