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WoW Your Wedding!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

If you are newly engaged...Congratulations ! But now you're wondering what and how to go about putting together colors and a theme for your big day. As a super visual person myself, imagining wonderful concepts and designs are my true loves. So let's start with color. Colors are going to carry you far into what your day will become because colors can trigger emotions.

When we think of Red and Green together we intuitively think of Christmas and all the memories that you have associated with those colors. I mention Christmas because we are 10 days away as of today... if you think of Blue and Sliver you might envision Hanukah.

Maybe you already have specific colors that you love and want to incorporate into the overall design of your day. That's a great way to start the process of figuring out what you want your day to look like.

Don't be afraid of choosing more then 2 or 3 colors because one color may become your choice for bridesmaids dresses and the others are incorporated in the floral and maybe one strong color is part of the décor in the venue. So let's say you fell in love with a venue because of the décor and the way it translates into the feeling you get from the space. Taking some of those same colors and using them offers the same feeling that translate into your wedding décor.

Other ways to come up with colors, think about what you love to do as a couple. Maybe you love the beach and your days off are spent in the water or on the sand. This is a beautiful way to think about colors and to put thoughtful sentiments into your day with hues based on the water and sky and sunsets.

Taking your favorite color palate and doing tone on tone makes a gorgeous statement. What does that mean? This is taking a strong color, maybe a dark blue or dark coral and then doing versions of that blue and shading up or down, lighter and darker tones. Providing a stunning palate and a way to do texture with florals making subtle transitions with dramatic hues.

Below are some examples of some of my favorite palates for a seasonal look or just a beautiful display of color. A green tone on tone example with a beach theme, the second palate more of a dramatic feel with a dark blue and softer blush giving it a very elegant look. Both palates are stunning!

Need more ideas or help book a call with us and we can build a beautiful wedding day for you here is the link to book some time convenient for your schedule

Let's talk about how we can color your day gorgeous!

Want the list of questions that you need to ask and take the guess work out of picking a venue and vendors, click the link to get the download


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