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What are You really getting, when you book a wedding venue that offers a "Day of " Coordinator?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

What is the difference between having a coordinator that comes with your venue verses a planner or day of coordinator you hire for your wedding? .....There's a huge difference!

There's a chance that it may surprise you to know just how big the differences are and we don't want you to look like this on your wedding day!

I recently heard a story about a planner who received a phone call from a bride who was having a complete meltdown. She was 36 hours away from her wedding day and she had just been told by her venue, that the person that was supposed to be her day of coordinator wasn't even scheduled to work that day!

This bride was in a total panic. As I would expect someone to be 36 hours from aisle time. How did this happen? The bigger question is how to avoid it from happening to you.

Here is what you need to know. When you hire a venue that says they have an onsite day of coordinator what that really means is they have a person onsite that will be there to ensure that the venues responsibilities to you are taken care of. Your event needs staff to set the tables , cook and serve the food , and be the bartender. They are working for the venue not for you. The venues coordinator will have staff to set up the tables, linens, chairs, and anything else that the venue is required to do. This does not include taking on your florist or your rentals, DJ, or any other entertainment you have hired. In other words, they are not there to run your day for you!

A planner does all this and more and puts all the details of your day into a timeline that is negotiated by you and your planner and all the vendors that you have hired. We all collaborate to make sure all your details are included for everything. Even the things that you think might be spontaneous are thoughtfully and thoroughly planned. We as planners, make sure you and your bridal party are ready on time, flowers arrive on time, staging decor, managing entertainment, and lets not forget the cake!

Avoiding a major meltdown is the number one reason you want to have a planner to be by your side to coordinate and manage your day. From the time you save the date until you've danced the last dance at your reception...without worry or stress! This sounds like a much better plan!

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