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What Are You Gaining With Full Planning Wedding Services....Just let your Mom do it!

I have heard that more then once in the years that I have been coordinating and planning events!

Even though I am sure "Mom" is well suited to take on a lot of the tasks in helping you plan your wedding,

she and others may not have the tolerance and the stamina and know how, that you get when hiring a full service planner. Because I know, you know, that's a lot to ask even if Mom is great at it or sister or your BFF. You want to keep your relationships in tack and your sanity that is why full service planning is more than just a service it's an investment into brining your dream day to fruition!

What you gain in having a full service planner is someone who is fully vested in you and in what you want for your day. Taking all those Pinterest pictures and orchestrating it all into organized plannable tasks.

But planning isn't just about the pretty its about everything, the things that many people may not even begin to recognize as part of the planning process. Full planning comes with an array of tasks to keep your planning smooth and moving forward in a series of well executed and thoughtfully assorted segments so you, the couple, can effortlessly make decisions as you move through each part. Each element of the day has tasks that are required to happen before moving onto the next.

This sounds magical and daunting! Yes and it can be, understanding that, is why your hiring a planner to be that go to person and guide you to create your amazing day. Helping you finding the perfect venue and providing and setting up a walkthrough, or making sure the florist is suited to put that amazing arch together, or knowing which caterer is the one that makes those incredible appetizers you saw in the latest issue of "Food & Wine" ! These are just some of the things that full planning gives you although a lot of your planners function is behind the scenes.

Your full planning gives you all the things that you want to have for your day with someone who supports you and your family, friends and can even be an ally that you may need in keeping the peace if things become emotional...this is priceless! Knowing what needs to be done to get your day planned while watching your budget and maintaining your guest list, creating your overall décor, coordinating the actual day, as well as all the little details, are looked after. Like making sure there are enough plugs in the main reception area, so your lighting can be set up.

Full Planning is your fully charged power packed service so be sure you are clear about all the things that are really important to you, before you sit down with your planner. Knowing you need help with finding all your vendors, or maybe your doing a destination wedding, anything and everything you will need help with will give you and your planner a great place to start. Bring all your ideas and your needs to your planner so they can make sure your planning covers all the bases making your planning journey a stress free and calm process and your wedding day full of joyful and amazing moments

Want to know how we can help you with planning your best day ever go to our services page here


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