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Wedding Reception Entertainment...minus the reception.

Weddings are definitely taking a big hit with the scaling down and even shutting down of parties and celebrations. We are in a place when thinking outside the box is a given when preparing for a wedding.

As a planner and,once upon a time, production assistant, I like to think that thinking outside the box is a part of my DNA.....So as I was talking with an officiant pondering what might be the best entertainment choices for wedding receptions that can no longer have a dance floor, or people in close proximity to one another, I had the light bulb moment! Here we are in one of the best wine making regions in the world, California.

I have had this idea before, for my own wedding, before the pandemic. I still love the idea.. a chocolate tasting wine pairing pre-party. Now during the pandemic, even better, with an after party for your guests to indulge and be's perfect ! I know what your thinking. "How can we do that right now?" "Not a problem", I say. Researching will offer all kinds of creative catering companies that would love to do this. Right now, controlling the way you offer the food choices and entertainment right now is extremely important.

With some deep dive planning you could have a beautiful presentation with limited handling of wine and chocolate and guests get the education of a lifetime. WoW! This is just one idea. There are countless entertainment companies that provide cultural dancing shows or maybe you are big animal fans. With zoos suffering from social deprivation, they are often asked to share animals to a group for education....why not? Are you thinking of doing an intimate wedding? Museums are another excellent option. With a small wedding party the museum is often available for visiting giving guests an amazing experience and also supporting the museums who have suffered like many businesses. There are some creative think outside the box, ways to keep everyone happy and entertained, creating memorable moments that turn into unforgettable memories as you begin this journey together.


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