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Wedding Planning...Big hint "Communication"

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

So you're engaged and you have set the date, and now your wondering ....WOW what did "we" get ourselves into ! I emphasize "WE" because you are both getting married and you are both a part of this process. Couples often allow one person to take over all the planning but it really should be about both your interests. Don't be afraid to ask your partner for help ! Don't allow one another to become resentful because one of you is doing all the leg work, that isn't fun and isn't fair to either of you.

Make sure you take the time to communicate about what your ideas are and what your priorities are for the day. Even if you are already living together make it a point to sit down once a month and go through the things that will need to be done for that month. As you get closer to the day make the communication every 2 weeks. This is probably the first big project you may be planning together and consistently communicating will help ease your anxiety about the process.

Planning shouldn't just be about the budget so don't get into the budget every time you talk about your day. Be sure to talk about what kind of food you want and what kind of entertainment you should have.

You can always say that you will takeover the décor decisions and let your partner off the hook for things that just don't resonate with them. Assigning those tasks can take a lot of pressure off both of you.

Hire a planner if you are really struggling ! Your life might be super busy with children and jobs keep your sanity in tack and let someone who knows the area and the people that provide the services you need, to support you. This will save time, money (because your not spending hours looking for people) and keep things in perspective. This day is all about coming together with love and celebrating you as a couple.

Make the planning process the begging of that joy and celebrate each others unique ideas collaborate with love by communicating.

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Happy Planning


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