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To make theses moments a reality for your wedding day... you need a plan!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

This was the one photo that is such a great memory. It was taken as we were coming back from the thing that I wanted most on my wedding day, a picture of us on the cable car in our wedding attire. We actually did it, and I was so happy. So what’s the one thing you want to happen on your wedding day, besides making everything perfect, and run without a

glitch? In order to make theses perfect moments happen you’ve got to have a plan and someone to make sure those important unforgettable moments take place. Believe me you don’t want to run out of time or not have that special song played, or the flowers not delivered on time. These and so many other things must be written into your day and someone to make sure you have all of them executed at the right time and in the right order. One of the ways to insure this is to hire a day of coordinator. Someone who has your best interests, and who has taken all the details of your day and put them into a timeline. A timeline is probably one of the most important documents besides your wedding license. It will have every detail of your day put into the proper time. This includes when things are supposed to be done as well as giving all your vendors start times setup, drop off, and when to deliver things. Virtually everyone is on the same page. Preparing for special moments is so important, and even though you may think you have a family member who says they can help manage your day. Ask yourself, will they be prepared to call the bakery if the cake doesn’t arrive, or deal with the dog who’s now eating your cake because it wasn’t being supervised ( true story). So make this day the best day ever and well managed by allowing someone to manage it and allow yourself a worry free unforgettable celebration of your love to one another.❤️

photo by Emily Takes Photos San Francisco

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