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The Intimate Wedding aka Micro Wedding

Now that the governor of California has announced the closing of bars(again), and introduced capacity regulations for the restaurants, venues, and other businesses, we are faced with re-accessing what that means for a couple wanting to get married here. Our new restrictions include under 100 people for an outdoor gathering and a capacity of 25% for indoor celebrations, 6 feet apart, no dancing, masks are required....(big sigh).

Keeping up with all the new rules is part of the wedding industries responsibility to our couples, and to our vendors. That means scaling down gatherings, but we can still incorporate all the beautiful details that are traditional to wedding celebrations while keeping everyone distanced. Not an easy task but it's important to enable our couples to marry without worry and help to keep everyone safe.

That's how the intimate wedding came to be, sometimes refereed to as a micro wedding. Because all of us in the wedding industry remain dedicated to our couples who want that amazing day! Celebrating with family and friends and embrace the love, the love that has brought you here to this moment to make memories and prepare for this special day! Although these Micro weddings are a smaller version of weddings in the past, they are incredibly gorgeous and allow the couple to concentrate on what really matters to them. This is an opportunity for you as a couple to do some serious soul searching and figure out who those important people are that you want to include in the day!

Stay Safe Hugs & Love


Beautiful examples of small intimate wedding...

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