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Taking Your Best Shot, Finding Your Wedding Photographer

Are you newly engaged? YAY ! One of the first things that couples think about is their photographer and where and how to find that perfect person for the job. Naturally engagement photos come before the wedding photos so if you're on the hunt for "the one". here are some helpful tips to get you started.

We all want that great photographer who can bring out our best shots and touches our hearts with all those fuzzy warm amazing photos. But before you start to compile that giant list of people who may or may not be the perfect match try asking yourselves these important questions.

1) What is our style? Understanding what your style is will narrow down the search and give you someone you wont be disappointed in. Do you love vintage, pictures that are in a sepia tone (light brown filter), or are you an outdoor couple and love photos taken in natural light with no filters. What do you as a couple, like to do, are you always dinning in one of those dark and moody candle lit restaurants, or do you love going to those funky fun reto places to have drinks. This might seem like a strange place to start your search but those places all have a definite look and feel and evoke a specific emotion, and that is exactly what a great photographer does. Take a look at your Instagram what kinds of photos are you sharing and liking to help define the styles you love.

When you choose your photographer your going to be asked about time, second shooter and videographer. Most photographers come with a team. Once again you'll be deciding between getting short moments, during the stages of wedding day, captured in a video or do you want the whole day captured in story form. This type is a movie style that looks more like a professional film. This is when you need to think about time and budget.

2) What is your budget? Knowing your budget is always the best place to start all the planning for your wedding day, why, because it will help you navigate through picking out all your vendors and make it's so much easier to allocate money to your top priorities! Your photographer should be one of your top priorities! Understanding all the elements and what type of outcome you want,

weather photo journalistic (large groups in action), candid, traditional(still shots), vintage, aerial (overhead drone), black and white, all play into the cost as well as the amount of time you want the photographer with you. You want to give them as much time as possible, it always takes longer then you think it will to take photos, and if you are loving those candid shots then a second shooter is the best way to capture them.

Understanding your style, your budget, and your timeline will help you find that perfect photographer to hire for your wedding. Make sure you give yourself time to choose an amazing person for the job, because these are the pictures that turn into the memories for generations.

Creating unforgettable photos and videos to take you back to the most incredible day of your life!

As a planner we can help you find "the one" we offer referrals and support to get your best shot and all your vendors you need, drop a comment or hit the contact button so we can help you create your Happily Ever After!


Photographer @edithhoganphotography Long Beach Museum of Art (natural light)

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