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Making The Moments Meaningful on Your Wedding Day....

Updated: May 28, 2020

Yes.. that seems like you wouldn't have to actuality even say this out loud or think about creating meaningful moments...It's your wedding day the whole day is meaningful! Yes true, but I've seen it happen, a lot. The wedding day is over and the bride is disappointed because she didn't get a particular picture or, the Mother of the bride is upset because the couple didn't recognize the parents during the ceremony.

It's really hard to live with the disappointment and it will haunt you, and the ones that you love there is no re-set button!

When you are planning your wedding day make sure that you have the people, parents, best friends, that are important to you, be a part of your plan. Maybe its expressing gratitude to a parent or step-Dad or Mom by making sure they have a special moment with you as you walk down the aisle. Maybe giving a step parent a special boutonniere or aunt a beautiful wrist corsage.

With all that you have to think about you must be really clear on who is important and who you want to honor and that includes taking the pictures of those people that may not be around in the next five years. The harsh reality is these moments are so important and will be meaningful on your wedding day, but if those people are not around in five or ten years those moments will become the cherished memories you will hold on to forever! I've had Mothers come to me and say they are so sad because they wanted the picture of just she and her daughter while she was getting ready. Hopefully, if this should happen the photographer has copies that he can retrieve from his digital files.

The reality is you need to put all these things into your day and recognize all the special people that have been part of your journey and play that song your Grandmother sang to you for your ceremony. In 24 hours these moments will become treasured memories and in years to come they will become part of the stories you tell your children....


Madeline Link

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