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Making Friends with Your Wedding Budget

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

If you are engaged or becoming engaged, Congratulations! More often then not, engaged couples are so excited about their wedding they will bypass the budget deep dive and jump into the world of ,everything weddings, and start buying and booking, before really knowing what the budget should be and we say to that....Don't do it! We have all been there! Not wanting to look too closely at our finances and getting into the fun of wedding shopping ...Heck Yah!

If you are newly engaged you are probably thinking I don't really know what our wedding budget will even look like "I've never planned a wedding so how am I supposed to know what things will cost"?

Your new at this and that's OK. However not understanding what you really want to spend on things that you know are absolutely necessary can come as a shock without doing a deep dive and creating an overall budget so you can track where you need to allocate more of your budget on, to get those important vendors hired.

Start with the big stuff, the venue, your catering, your photographer, the location. If you have a pretty good idea of how many guests you are going to have at your wedding, you will have a much easier time and a lot less stress knowing what you need to prepare with an approximate guest count. Starting to navigate with, for example, an inclusive venue that offers an area for your ceremony and reception including catering. Asking for a price point with a known guest count, will give you and, the sales department, a good starting point. You will get an approximate price per person with the rental of the space price and that's a great starting point for your budget breakdown.

Now that you know what that all important bug ticket item will cost, you can prioritize and reserve money for the other wedding vendors you want to hire and know exactly how much you can dedicate to people and your décor. While you might be feeling intimidated by all the accounting taking a good look at your budget will actually give you more piece of mind when going out to research all the things you want for your wedding. Don't like all those numbers, you can always divvy it up into percentages to make it even easier to see how and where to dedicate your budget. Knowing your budget will eliminate the conversation overload so you don't have to argue about it later when the bill comes squabbling aloud!

If you really hate the idea of doing all of this alone hire a wedding planner to help work it out with you.

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You can reach us at with questions that you have about anything !

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