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Saying Yes! To A Second Marriage Second Wedding...Yes to Love!

Updated: Feb 9

So you have fallen in love and said yes to getting married... Again! You cant believe it! And you can't believe your planning a wedding.... Again! Something you said you would never do! NEVER....well when it comes to love can we really say no?! I know how your feel because I did the same thing. I even told my family "Don't expect me to get involved again!" Because it is difficult to think about marriage, after all you have been through, that you would be saying "yes" again.

So now you've said "YES"...Yes to love yes to committing to someone, and depending on how long it was between your first marriage and your second, you may feel like you've forgotten all the rules especially with a second wedding. That's why we are here, to help you with all your concerns and understanding your most important elements. Because a wedding day is still about celebrating your love and your journey as a couple. When I was planning my second wedding I really wanted to have the most amazing, fun, delicious, day! My family time was super important because no one had met my fiancé and I wanted a full 3 day weekend filled with family time! We were also bringing adult children into the planning so that we could have them feel like they were part of this new beginning, because it was a new beginning for everyone!

So I know your thinking...Can I wear white? How do I plan my children into the day (adult or young)

Do I have a rehearsal dinner, am I allowed to have a bridal party? I say whatever you feel comfortable with doing DO IT! Adding kids to your wedding party yes, my 3 daughters were my bridesmaids and his 2 sons and best friend were his ushers. If your parents are not in the picture have an Uncle or your adult son walk you down the aisle....I cry like a baby every time I see that done in a wedding! It really comes down to how you and your fiancé feel about what is important to you. Who you want to include, and yes you can wear white if you want to. If you still have concerns about what is accepted and what isn't take a look at the book by Emily Post's "Wedding Etiquette". I think when it comes to second weddings it's always in fashion to be in love!


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