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Happy New Year, Happy Engagement! Unique options for your next step.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

We Made it! It's a new year 2022 a restart to refresh. We should all give ourselves a big high five for making it through to this New Year with a big sigh of relief lol. As we begin this new year we also want to say congratulations to all the couples that have become engaged over the holidays.

Looking back on last year, it was tough, but love wins. Weddings have been happening with couples becoming adventurous and creative in planning their day, in intimate settings in beautiful places. Elopements and weddings have been taking place in National parks beautiful beaches and backyards.

With picturesque backdrops made by nature and others made by family and friends. All of them are gorgeous and giving the couple an amazing day without skimping on any of the details.

Some of our favorite options were created out of necessity but have become part of the new way to have a wedding and although they are a smaller versions of your big day, they are not any less amazing or any less meaningful. Some of the new options are downright stunning even if they take a little more planning, but that's why were here!

Looking at doing a backyard wedding doesn't mean you have to use" your" backyard to have your day.

As you look into the options for the backyard wedding, take a look at an Airbnb as one option. An Airbnb can make your destination easier to navigate and giving you a place to put your important guests.

An Airbnb often has the backyard which can be a beach or the mountains or even in another country.

Some perfect options with stunning landscapes, our National Parks, you couldn't pick a better backdrop and there are places for your posse to stay and hang out after the I Do's. Here in California you have plenty of choices, Yosemite National Park. , Joshua Tree, if you love the desert. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country and offer unique hideaways for elopements.

Our favorite Laguna Beach, Crescent Bay, and right here in Oxnard and Ventura. Whatever you choose make your day a memorable one keeping it true to your unique love story as a couple and from us to all of you CONGRATULATIONS !


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