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Engaging the engagement!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Engagement season is just around the corner. Yes, there is actually a season that is dedicated to couples getting engaged. It's exciting and somewhat overwhelming for a lot of couples. So I wanted to give you some tips and say CONGRATULATIONS! Getting engaged is the beginning of your new journey together and, even if you have been together for awhile, the announcement makes it real. So what can you do as a couple to embrace this time and what should you be thinking about in the next few months?

Firstly, enjoy the moment! Revel in it. Show each other off and make it known to your tribe and to your family because this time is so special and it goes by quickly. Throw a virtual party! Start thinking about who the most important people are in your group and talk about who you both feel most connected to. Make a list of your VIP's and continue to go over it as much as possible. Eventually this list will turn into your final guest list for your wedding. I promise the list will continue to change and morph as you go through it, and deciding who those people are, friends, family and BFF's, will make it easier down the road if you need to make adjustments.

Some of the other things you can do right now to get into the " being engaged" moment: get your ring insured, make a wedding specific email, talk about things you have loved or disliked from other weddings you've been to. Ask yourselves if you want to incorporate any cultural or religious traditions into your day. Start thinking about the time of year you will have your wedding; should you celebrate over a holiday so those who have to travel to be there can come.

We want to congratulate all the newly engaged couples. And, whether you are planning for 2021 or 2022, we wish you an amazing planning journey and a happily ever after!

If you would like more help and information on the questions to ask your vendors and venue, head over to https:\\ book a call with us so we can start planning your dream day!


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