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Don't Forget The Frosting, Wedding Cake Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

When you think about your wedding cake what's the first thing that comes to mind ? Is it the frosting? Or maybe your favorite flavor? Or is it a wedding cake you had that left a bad memory?

Take it from someone who is a true Cake-holic... cake matters!

Let's talk about how to make sure you and your guests have a great wedding cake experience, one that leaves everyone asking for more! What are the rules for picking a great cake for your wedding?

Well honestly it's really a matter of taste because you know what you like and what you don't, so when your shopping for bakeries you will, most likely, rule out bakeries that don't offer the flavors that you love.

Before you start tasting I suggest you take in consideration what you are offering your guests for dinner. Will it be a prime rib? Or maybe something on the lighter side? It makes a difference when you are planning a dessert you want to pick one that compliments your entrée.

You don't want to serve a rich heavy dessert with a meal that is also heavy, no one will move for the rest of the, and you definitely want them up and dancing.

Most wedding cakes are more than just one flavor and if your looking at a 3 or 4 tier cake you may want to have a different flavor to for each tier, giving guests more options, but really 2 is just right.

A good bakery will advise you on which cake flavor is a favorite, that can be helpful in eliminating your flavor choices. Offering more than 2 flavors can be overwhelming and its also time consuming because your catering staff is having to cut and serve 3 different cakes.

A vegan option for cake, or gluten free cake, is one of the newest choices and is a great way to allow everyone to participate in wedding cake . Vegan cakes are sometimes more dense than the traditional cake and putting it on top or adding it to your tower can be tricky, depending how big or small the structure of the cake. To avoid a cake mishap have the small vegan option next to your traditional wedding cake.

You don't want your wedding cake to turn into the leaning tower of Pisa at your reception!

Yes it happens, it's not a good look for cake to be sliding, melting, or sinking!

Are you a fondant fan or do you prefer the traditional buttercream frosting, or maybe a light dusting of powdered sugar. I know, who knew cake could be so complicated, but again it is a matter of taste.

With fondant bakeries produce these amazing decorations because they can mold it and shape it, think of it as edible playdough. Fondant holds the shape and holds up quite well in if there is a long wait time before cutting. Buttercream is a traditional icing that can be flavored but is mostly, as the name implies, a butter and sugar based that tastes divine. There are fillings to decide on, mouse, ganache, fruit, and more than I can name. These fillings are layered between the cake and your baker will usually tell you what is best with the cake flavor your thinking about.

Now for the tastings...Yes! You get to try theses luscious confections and usually a bakery will offer 3-4 flavors of your choice at the bakery by appointment. There is a minimal coast, and if you want to take them home to try that's always an option. During this pandemic bakeries will also send your tastings right to your front door...YaY!

One last tip, be sure to think about where your wedding cake is being placed at your reception.

I have seen a beautiful cake become a dessert for the ants before the guests had even arrived.

If you are having an outdoor garden reception maybe have the venue hold it in the kitchen or cool area inside before brining it to the outdoor space.

Have your wedding cake and eat it too, enjoy every bite and make it the best cake ever on your best day ever. !

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