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Ditch The Wedding Day Timeline?!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I'll be the first to admit that as a wedding planner the wedding timeline is a sacred and coveted part of any wedding. Without the timeline your wedding day would be pretty chaotic, for everyone, vendors, officiants, a plethora of confusion. Even this planner, who values the almighty timeline recently had an enlightening experience showing me how stepping away from a timeline and giving space to unscripted fun, can lead to some of the most rewarding moments on your wedding day!

Last Saturday we had a wedding and of course, I had methodically put everything into the timeline for the day. As the wedding progressed we were were deep into the evening, dinner had been served and guests were mingling and toasting. While our vendors and myself, were taking a break our DJ, Gabe, asked me when does the couple want to have their cake cutting? I started to explain that the couple is having a contest taking the traditional cake cutting and doing a " Cake in the Face" contest.

I continued to explain that the couple had set up 2 jars one for the bride and one for the groom whoever received the most votes ( by placing money into one or the other jar) Wins!

Gabe loved the idea and wanted to get everyone involved making sure the couples contest was a success. As soon as I agreed to his plan he was up with his mic and had all the guests voting for their favorite to win. It was entertaining and gave everyone a chance to participate it also gave the couple a chance to make some honeymoon cash...Not a bad win!

Ditching a wedding day timeline is not usually part of the plan but at that moment creating some space to have the couples contest, made the reception more exciting and outweighed any reason to stick to our agenda. The Groom won the contest and the game really made this one of the most enjoyable cake cuttings I have ever witnessed. The truth is when you have great vendors to collaborate with and you allow space in your plan, that's when the magic happens on your wedding day, Thank you DJ Gabe!

Coming together and helping a couple create their wedding celebration in a way that allows everyone to participate in their joy, is always the best plan!


You can find Gabe @JG Music Productions 646-623-8648

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