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 Elopement to I Do  Intimate Wedding Service

Elopement to I Do is our special service for couples who want a beautiful day in an amazing area they love with a small intimate wedding giving the couple a comprehensive service for a ceremony with a gorgeous backdrop. This could be on a beach or in a  vineyard, or maybe in the desert, anywhere that you love and want to say " I Do."


Our all-inclusive service sometimes referred to as a Micro wedding is set up in a unique surrounding for you to pledge your love with a small group of your friends and family who want to witness your commitment in an unforgettable way!


Intimate gatherings can be just as dressed up and detailed as much as any large celebration. Your day is all about you as a couple, created around your unique personalities and your priorities celebrating with the people that love you.

We craft your entire day for you including your officiant, personal flowers, a cake (if you want one), and our amazing photographer, Sean Naugle We start by selecting an area that you have agreed on getting it set it up for you making sure that the area is available for your ceremony. 

Taking what is important to you and putting those things into your details, colors, flowers, and food, bringing it together in a place you love. You don't have to do any coordination to get the important items for your day, that's our job, and we will include some champagne for a toast after your I Do's! 

This is the perfect way for you to get married in an amazing space without skipping any of the important details and have your dream wedding day without the worry of planning, creating an unforgettable celebration with the people who love you!



 Flowers: Giving you a beautiful personal bridal bouquet in the colors you have picked for the palate of your day and boutonniere. 


Space: Area scouting Day Set Up for Ceremony reservation or permit if needed reserving and quartering off the area.

Reception: If you are planning to have dinner or catering and you need   Reservations for your favorite restaurant or to find one, we can help.

Area Accommodations: booking hotels, setting up room blocks for your guests if needed we can help with securing your guests with hotels.

Transportation Coordinating: for the couple, from the area to the reception if needed making sure you have accommodations. 

Day of Coordination: timeline for all of the people that need to be informed the entire day from setup to reception.

Photographer: Sean Naugle is your photographer for your day he will be with you for 6 hours and has an exceptional portfolio as a   wedding and adventure photographer! ( if more hours are needed 

Officiant: If you require an officiant we can provide you with one of our favorite traditional or non-traditional services. 


Our all-inclusive service starts at $8,900 (Which does not include travel expenses), service can be customized to your needs to add extra time with our Photographer if needed. Typically a day is 10-12 hours not including travel time.        


Sean Naugle Photography 

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