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I Love You Maddly design guest gift wedding

Hand decorated gift box with a Magnolia and chocolate Eiffel Tower   

      D.I.Y. Service

We love DIY and can help you with creating beautiful custom DIY or just help you manage getting your DIY team together. Making special gifts for your guests like the one pictured, leaves a lasting impression. With our help you can create a beautiful gift for your guests or décor for your venue. Helping to develop an idea for your day or to mentor your team for a day. Collaborating makes it easier to stay on track and get a project finished without worrying about trying to get it all done last minute. Once you have an idea we will set up a day for the project with you or with our team. We can go to pick up all the things needed for that project with you if needed.
The cost for project help with our team is 65.00 per hour or we can complete a project for you for a flat rate of 600.00 with 10 hours for one project. This does not include the purchasing of any of the items that you may need for the project.

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