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My life has been a devotion to many loves one of them is the love of people. I could spend days and weeks just hanging out with my friends and family with nothing better to do then go on travel adventures, because my next love is travel! I have been able to take some amazing trips to beautiful places in  Europe, Hawaii, with both my husband, friends and family, I cherish those times.

Yes my husband being the greatest love along with my children, and I still cannot believe

I have fond love for the second time! We met at one of my all time favorite places, Disneyland! We still talk about it because it seems so ridiculous but it's all true, and if I ever meet you ask me to tell you about it! t's a great story,.. 


 I also love art another passion, coming from a background of art ( collage studies) I think it makes me especially sensitive to all things creative and sparks your imagination. Weather its architecture or street art, or the works of the masters. It is awe inspiring and I love being able to use the inspirations in my weddings. When I do  table scape's, or helping to bring a couples vision to life in florals, or lighting. A plane room comes to life with colors and textures, its a magical transition to watch come alive!  

All this love for design combined with 20 years of experience working in the Hospitality,  hotel industry, floral, and production, makes this cake loving planner well equipped to take your wedding celebration from "Oh this is lovely" to an over the top guest experience with sighs of astonishment! I am dedicated to planning events that are unforgettable in designing unique esthetics and "Funtastic" entertainment!


Let's talk about YOUR DAY!  How do you want your wedding day celebration to feel, and taste, and look. What's the worst that could happen? We crush your planning overwhelm?...Yes! Help you create the day of you've been dreaming about your

 whole life?... Yes!

I can't wait to meet you and start putting your Happily Ever After in motion.


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1940 Anchor Ave 

Oxnard California 93035

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