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Our Story 

Because you've just said "Yes" to the love of your life! Hello, I'm Madeline the co-founder and creator behind "I Love You Maddly Weddings & Events". I have been designing and managing events for over 20 years and love helping couples create their own unique wedding day based on their unique style and love.

I specialize in planning and creating unforgettable events for couples getting remarried for the first or second time, and need help planning and navigating traditions or dynamics crushing your overwhelm. We make sure you can relax and enjoy your planning process and your day without worrying about the details.


How It All Started

On our wedding day in 2013, we had an amazing 3 days full of unforgettable memories but it came with some harsh realities. When my husband and I decided to get married, a second marriage for both of us, and as I started to plan our celebration, I struggled with questions about what the rules are for second weddings. 


Can I wear white? How will I incorporate our families into the celebration? Should I even try? We both have adult children so bringing together a blended family was an important part of our planning. 


At first, we thought about running to Paris to get married... though I'm so glad we didn't!  But when I started to think about the details, I really wanted to include our children. This was a new beginning for everyone, and we didn't want to leave anyone out! So, we made our children our wedding party, with my 3 daughters as bridesmaids and his 2 boys and best friend, as groomsmen.


We chose our next favorite city, San Francisco, as our wedding destination and YES, I did wear white. Our wedding day was perfect from the décor to the food and even the small handmade details of our French countryside-themed day. And I'm glad we did it our way and ignored old traditions.


But when I think about some of the things that could have been better, the #1 thing would be to hire a professional planner, rather than hiring myself. My daughter would have had more help with her baby and wouldn't have missed the meal.


My best friend would have been able to enjoy more of the festivities rather than being tasked with putting together our table décor. These are moments that I can't give back and there's probably, even more, I don't know about.


That's why we're here to make sure your moments are managed for you and help you make memories rather than missed opportunities.  


Madeline & Thomas Link


" Madeline was there to answer every question and brought a sense of calm to our planning."
Sasha Sexton

I Love You Maddly with friends and our superheros

My musical husband Thomas Link and Terri Stroh.

I Love You Maddly superheos at a wedding reception San Diego

Karen and Glen Uslan putting together a San Diego reception.

 Detail Divas 

 That's the best way to describe our other team members. We feel that we have one of the best collaborative teams, not only are they great to work with but they have superpowers of their own and it's reflected in all that they do. So, let me introduce you to them, our in-house catering and venue expert.


Terri has been involved with managing catering at popular restaurant's, like Marmalade's in Westlake Village California and the Sand Castle restaurant in Paradise Cove, in Malibu California, a popular event choice for beach lovers.

 Terri's a creative genius with organizing events and people.


Our dynamic duo is Karen and Glen Uslan.

Karen is wonderful to work with and has worked with one of the top wedding destinations, Bally's Las Vegas.

She and Glen are pro's when it comes to organization and design, with experience creating events on yachts.


Glen is a design expert and has been designing furniture making custom pieces for casinos and celebrity clients for the past 20 years. We love their innovative perspective and wouldn't be complete without them.

 Our collection of super talented  team members will create your perfect wedding day, and go above and beyond everyone's expectations.

We Can't Wait To Create Your Celebration!

" Madeline was caring and thoughtful making sure every detail was perfect."

Jenny Roddy


We wanted to add a note regarding the current environment we are all learning to live in. We are committed to everyone's safety, your safety as well as your guests' safety. We are also responsible for helping to keep our staff and the vendors, that might be working to put your day together, safe. Please note we are here to help guide you through this process and understand what the rules are and how they pertain to your event.

Thank You   

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